Looking for captivating spot prizes, raffle items, or auction incentives to elevate your fundraising event? Look no further! Kapiti Castles offers a selection of vouchers designed to add excitement and value to your fundraising efforts.


Our vouchers are perfect for raffles, auctions, or as spot prizes, offering enticing opportunities for everyone. With a variety of options to suit different interests, you're sure to find something that sparks excitement and drives fundraising success!


We understand the need for discounted or free entertainment options to support fundraising efforts. Introducing our exclusive fundraising offer: the Red Bouncy Castle on a Self-Service Hire basis!


For just $105 (normally $155), you can manage setup, usage, and return of the castle yourself. Plus, enjoy two free giant games valued at $40, adding extra fun to your event!


Take advantage of this fantastic deal to boost your fundraising efforts with Kapiti Castles!


Fuel your charity or organization's fundraising with our exciting equipment options! Here are some creative ideas to inspire your event:


  • Bouncy Castle Bonanza: Charge $3 per bounce or $5 for an all-day pass.
  • Interactive Inflatable Extravaganza: Charge $3 per game and offer spot prizes.
  • Jousting & Sumo Showdown: Charge $3 per person for epic battles.
  • Nerf Wars Adventure: Charge $3 for thrilling Nerf battles.


These ideas are just the beginning—let's make your fundraiser a success with Kapiti Castles!


Experience the ultimate fundraiser with our Sponsored Bounce! Children bounce while raising funds for your school or organization.


Here's how it works: Children collect sponsorships, bounce for a set time, and earn rewards for their efforts. With our Bouncy Castles and support, it's a day of fun and fundraising success!


Ready to create lasting memories and make a difference? Contact us to start your Sponsored Bounce today!


Introducing our Inflatable Fun Day—a thrilling way to fundraise for schools, organizations, and groups!


Customize your event with our diverse range of inflatables, all-day passes, and professional support. Let's plan an unforgettable day of fundraising and community spirit together!


Contact us now to turn your fundraiser into a standout event with Kapiti Castles!


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