Your Safety, Our Priority: Risk Assessments & Method Statements

At Kapiti Castles, your safety comes first. We conduct thorough risk assessments for all equipment, covering storage, maintenance, and operations. Our assessments undergo regular reviews to ensure comprehensive safety measures are in place. We offer both Generic Risk Assessment and Management forms upon request, as well as personalized risk assessments tailored to your event specifics. To obtain the necessary documentation, email us at with your Booking Reference. Trust us to uphold the highest safety standards for a worry-free event experience. Contact us now to plan your safe and memorable event!

Proud Members of Professional Associations!

At Kapiti Castles, we prioritize professional development and actively engage with industry networks. Proud members of the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand Inflatable Hirers Alliance, and British Inflatable Hirers Alliance, we stay informed, share insights, and uphold industry standards. These memberships underscore our commitment to excellence and ensuring your event exceeds expectations. Contact us today to collaborate on creating a memorable event together!

Our Promise to You: Stress-Free, Fun-Filled Events!

Planning an event should be stress-free and enjoyable. At Kapiti Castles, we promise to make your event experience seamless from start to finish. With our commitment to trust, dependability, extensive equipment range, clear communication, and expertise, we ensure your event is both fun-filled and memorable. Choose Kapiti Castles to bring your event vision to life. Contact us today and experience our promise of excellence!

Meet Our Awesome Team!

Our dedicated team at Kapiti Castles is here to ensure your event is unforgettable. They undergo extensive training to guarantee your safety and are easily recognizable in their vibrant uniforms, reflecting the energetic atmosphere we cultivate. Approachable and friendly, they provide exceptional customer service and guidance throughout your event planning. Choose Kapiti Castles for a successful and enjoyable event experience.

Safety First: Electrical Testing & Inspection

At Kapiti Castles, safety is paramount, including rigorous electrical testing and inspection of our equipment. We ensure all electrical items undergo thorough assessments and tagging at regular intervals, ranging from every 3 to 12 months as per specific requirements. For copies of our electrical testing and inspection certificates, email us at with your booking reference. Your safety is our priority, and we're committed to providing reliable and well-maintained equipment. Contact us today for more details.

Peace of Mind with Our Comprehensive Insurance Package!

At Kapiti Castles, we prioritize your peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance coverage provided by trusted specialists. For copies of our insurance certificates or more information, email us at and include your booking reference. We're dedicated to prompt and efficient assistance, ensuring transparency and your complete satisfaction.

Discover Transparent and Competitive Pricing!

At Kapiti Castles, we believe in transparent and competitive pricing. As industry experts, we offer personalized packages tailored to your specific needs, ensuring exceptional value for your investment. With a wide range of services and equipment to suit events of all sizes and budgets, pricing information is readily available on our website. Make informed decisions and plan confidently with Kapiti Castles. Visit us online today to explore our transparent pricing options and let's create an unforgettable event together!



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